Did you know that Kolokotronis...

...never wore his helmet in battle?
English helmet with gold-plated bronze decorations. It dates from the time when Kolokotronis was serving under the command of Richard Church in the 1st Regiment Greek Light Infantry, in the Ionian Islands (1810-1816). Although Kolokotronis loved the helmet, he used to wear it only in formal occasions and never during the battles of the 1821 Revolution.
"Colocotroni being a Moreote (that is, an in habitant of the peninsula of Greece) he was attired as one. His dress was composed of a red cap, with a short, plain, green cloth jacket, and a white cotton fustinello". Thomas Cochrane, Wanderings in Greece.
"I remember, especially, Colocotroni's coming on board at Napoli di Malvasia, in a most gorgeous gilt or golden helmet, like one of the horse-guards, and strangely did the simple black dress of the old President contrast with the picturesque wardrobes of the independent chiefs". Frederick Woods Mant, The Midshipman Or Twelve Years at Sea.
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